Grace to Give

Grace is abstract.  You  can’t put your finger on it.  We all want grace extended to us; but, if we are honest, most of us struggle with extending it to others.  And when we do extend it, we oftentimes do so with conditions.  C.o.n.d.i.t.i.o.n.s……. To be clear, Google defines “grace” as “the free and unmerited FAVOR… Continue reading Grace to Give

I get to

Thankful….What does that mean? Google defines “thankful” as being 1. pleased and relieved; 2. expressing gratitude. Taking it one step farther: “In EVERYTHING give thanks”….What does THAT mean? What “everything” is Paul talking about in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV)? Google defines “everything” as being 1. ALL things; 2. the current situation. The current situation? ALL… Continue reading I get to


This is all I have for this week: ………why am I YELLING at the person in the car in front of me? They canNOT even hear me…but my kids can…and they don’t understand where this “monster” is coming from. I am not operating in Joy like God has been telling me to do… God told… Continue reading Joy